Popcorn Fundraiser

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Why do we sell Popcorn?
Ways to sell:
Sell online
Emailable Order Form
In person to friends, neighborhood, work colleagues
Storefront sales
Incentives and rewards
What if I don't want the popcorn?

Why Do We Sell Popcorn?

Our Pack uses an annual popcorn sale to raise funds for our Pack. This vital fund-raising allows us to keep our dues as low as possible and to subsidize many activities. We need everyone to do their best to sell as much popcorn as they can.

Only about 1/3 of our revenue comes from dues. The following charts illustrate why we need full participation in selling popcorn (2009 figures):

Pack income and expenses

It's not just about raising funds! it also about:-
  • teaching your Scout about the value of work
  • having your Scout contribute effort personally to the upkeep of his Pack
  • learning the self confidence to approach people to sell and promote Cub Scouting
  • funds raised also support the BSA organization that provides our handbooks, training, and insurance.
Ways to Sell:

Pack 368 offers many ways to help you sell your popcorn:

Sell online:

A great way to get grandparents, cousins, godparents, remote work colleagues and so on to support your son's Scouting.

STEP 1: Go to  http://scouts.trails-end.com/ and click "send emails" to create an account
STEP 2: Click "GET STARTED" to create your Scout avatar and choose your email template
STEP 3: Send emails to friends and family - don't forget to follow up!
STEP 4: Go to "Track My Online Sales" to see who purchased

Emailable Order Form:

A Pack 368 innovation. You can email this to work colleagues or other groups you are involved with. They can enter their orders into the spreadsheet and send it back to you. you keep a tally and transfer it to your order sheet.

Click here to access the emailable order form.

In-person to friends, neighborhood, work colleagues

This is the main way to sell.
take the order formm and go with your Scout and sell in your neighborhood, at church, at family gatherings. You can always take the order form to work also.
COLLECT MONEY UP FRONT. The Pack receives the popcorn mid-November - check your popcorn packet for the exact dates.

Click here for a video with tips on selling popcorn:

Storefront Sales

The Pack participates in storefront sales ahead of the main sale. See your Den Leader for signups to do these. Every Scout who participates in storefront sales earns credit towards their popcorn goal.

Incentives and rewards:

Depending on how much your Scout sells there are a variety of rewards and incentives given by Trails-End & the BSA. Check your popcorn packet for details.


The Pack rewards every Cub Scout who meets the sales goal


The Pack rewards the top sellers in the pack with gift cards ($ amount varies depending on sales but have been as high as $75)

What if I don't want the popcorn?

Firstly YOU don't need to buy the stuff (the idea is to sell to other people).
Secondly you and your customers can DONATE POPCORN TO THE MILITARY. Your Cub Scout still earns the credit, the Pack still gets the funds, and the popcorn goes to folks who really need the calories!

Remember - we count on you to sell the popcorn for the reasons at the top of this page. Please do your best to meet or exceed the popcorn goal.